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We have a wide variety of shingle styles and colors available. We use products from the major manufacturers.

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What Questions do most Homeowners ask?

Q: Do you offer guarantees?
A: All replacements come with a 10 year workmanship guarantee as well as a material warranty from the manufacturer. Most repairs come with a limited workmanship guarantee.
Q: What makes you different?
A: The main difference is I do not send a salesman to your home. I am the person inspecting your roof. I will provide you with a price quote, give you an approximate start date and on the day of the job, I am there with my crew.
Q: What other types of work do you offer?
A: I do most anything that is roof related, including:Power Washing- if your roof still has life but is only discolored, we can clean it for you.Animals and Pest Removal- Bats, Raccoons, Squirrels and Birds are the most common attic inhabitants. Critters find their way into homes by way of openings near the roof line. We use “Have-a-Heart” traps so the animal can be released into the wild after it is removed. The opening is then closed and sealed.Gutter Cleaning (Montgomery County Only)Flat Roof Coatings- There are different coatings with different purposes, ranging from solar reflection to sealing leaks.

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